ColdFusion 9.01 & Lion OSX Problems & Solutions

I admit, I kind of like being an ‘early adopter’ but it’s not without it’s pains.  I recently upgraded my Macbook Pro Snow Leopard (10.6.2) running ColdFusion 9.01 (with added new hotfix) to Lion OSX and it bombed pretty hard.

First, Lion didn’t have a version of Java installed, major fun!  The first time you do anything requiring java, you’ll be asked to install it.  Better off, download it before running anything java.  Yeah, Apple supplies a ‘manual’ file to download and install Java on Lion:

Second, the Lion install changes the file permissions for things that would have normally worked with ColdFusion.  For me, my webserver root is /Library/WebServer/Documents and nothing  would execute in there.  That fix was easy enough, just doing a Get Info on Documents and replacing the permissions.

After fixing the permissions and running:  sudo apachectl -restart in a terminal window, I managed to get the webserver working again. But, alas, ColdFusion would not start.

I tried opening up the ColdFusion Launcher for Multiserver, clicking on “coldfusion” and click start but I’d get multiple confusing errors.  Some would say “coldfusion is already running” or “failed to start”.  Oddly, JRun would run, it just couldn’t start the ‘coldfusion’ server.  Not helpful.

My ColdFusion 9.01 was installed using developer edition multiserver.  I’ve combed through a few blog posts, one that I found useful was :  In that blog, basically the 9.01 update has a different jpedal.jar file that is different than the 9.0 version.  A user got 9.01 to work (multiserver) by copying the old 9.0 jpedal.jar file to the new location.  This is the location of jpedal.jar: servers/cfusion/cfusion-ear/cfusion-war/WEB-INF/cfusion/lib/

I myself don’t like doing this type of workaround.  That means that when Adobe does come out with some kind of update / fix that you may have to do extra work, like restoring the updated version.

Instead, I simply uninstalled my multiserver install and opted to install 9.0 single server.  Then I ran the 9.01 updated on the single server and things are working just fine.  I also was able to install the additional ‘9.01 Cumulative hot fix’ found here: and it managed to work just fine.

I’m back in business.

I’m very curious to see if Adobe is going to do anything about the multiserver problem.