Sherman Family Picture
Rob, Sean & Michelle Sherman

The short story

My name is Rob Sherman.  I’m a 39 year old computer / internet / programming / sci-fi geek that is rediscovering my Apple Mac roots.  I’m more known for my Adobe ColdFusion programming & teaching as well as more recent management skills.  I’m also a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master (for what that’s worth).

I’m married to Michelle and have a very beautiful 14 month old daughter named Sean Madyson Sherman.  Sean is named after my best friend Sean Neighbors that passed away years ago.  We keep a family blog at http://shermanfamilyblog.com/ that has tons of pictures of our family and little model.

These days I’m a proud Apple MacBook Pro owner and am happily learning iOS for iPhone  / iPad development.  I think it goes without saying that I also own an iPhone 4 and iPad.  I love it!

More recent history

In 2003 I began working for DaVita, Inc (a Fortune 500 kidney dialysis health care provider) to become the Senior Web Manager.  I stayed there for many years working in the corporate marketing department working on a great many projects and initiatives for the company, it’s products and the patients that came to use and rely on our tools and information.  Seeing how the work benefited the patients was very rewarding.

In 2009 I was recruited to a small start up company called TollFreeForwarding.com as the Senior Development Manager.  It was a nice change to learn about telcom & sip and be very hands on with day-to-day programming as well as help shape a development department implementing Scrum methodology.  A great number of us became Certified Scrum Masters and our development velocity changed dramatically.

Today I’m a Mac guy, I have a great 17″ MacBook Pro (mid 2010, unibody), an iPhone 4, and iPad and am learning iOS to create programs and apps for Apple devices.

Ancient history

I was very lucky growing up.

My dad worked for Burroughs corporation as a programmer that would use punch cards to write programs.  I loved going to his work and seeing the huge reel-to-reel computers on racks.  One day he brought home a dummy terminal that looked like an old egg shaped iMac.  I think it had a black background with green text and he’d use an acoustic 300 baud modem to dial into the office.  It wasn’t long before I was able to play with that terminal and learn how to write Basic programming near the age of 7.

My parents bought me a Commodore 64 at this early age and I loved to play games on it but also loved to make programs in basic as well.  Back in those days (before the internet) you could use a modem and dial up a BBS (Bulletin Board System), or use a war dialer to find a BBS.  Once there you’d meet other people on the BBS, trade games and chat.  I don’t recommend the war dialer program though, that landed us a $300 phone bill that my parents still remind me about.

I eventually learned on Apple Macintosh IIe, and owned an SE 30 as well as a Centris 610 and remember Photoshop 1.0.  I always managed to keep a computer close to me and kept learning as much as I could.  Around this time I was spending more time doing graphic design and desktop publishing.

I began designing web pages in 1991. In 1994 I began working for an Internet Service Provider called Compulearn in Tarzana, CA. While there I began teaching various computer classes like Access, Word, Excel and Internet related courses. Aside from teaching I became the Webmaster for Compulearn and started designing website for Compulearn and it’s clients using ColdFusion 2.0, and SQL 6. Some of those clients included: Arco, Gilette, Vision Correction Centers, various legal and insurance offices, AT & T, San Fernando Valley Bar Association, a teen website called Moxiegirl, State of Arizona, and the United States Commerce Department.

I decided to take on other responsibilities and worked for a non-profit organization called the Global Schoolhouse Foundation in 1997. This non-profit organization had a mission of bringing Internet technology into the classrooms for both students and teachers. The work this foundation performed was even recognized by Al Gore and President George W. Bush. I excelled in the ColdFusion language and was building web based projects that brought teachers and students together from over 30 countries.

In 1999, I left the Global Schoolhouse to take on the title of Director of Development for an online auction website located in Paris, France. This website was Eurobid.com. In February of 1999 the idea of a truly multilingual auction website for the European community was just a thought, but by the end of that same year it became a reality. While continuing to work from the states, I put together a team of ColdFusion developers across the U.S. as well as system administrators and was responsible for architecting one of the strongest auction communities in all Europe.

After leaving Eurobid in 2000, I formed my own consulting corporation, known as CFDude, Inc. and maintains several clients.I  also became a Macromedia Certified Instructor (along with Macromedia Advanced Certified ColdFusion Developer) teaching courses for Andrew’s Technology all over the U.S. and later taught ColdFusion MX and Flash MX 2004 classes for RoundPeg. I was also selected to be a part of the pilot program for the Macromedia Certified Professional Program and is one of the first Macromedia Certified Professionals.

In 2001 I started another company named Velocity Interactive Consulting, Inc. and managed to hire a few people and land some very good clients.  I also kept teaching ColdFusion, Flash, and eventually Flex.

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