Where’s the mouse in MacOS Sierra?

I just upgraded to Mac OS Sierra and use a OWC Thunderbolt  2 dock that makes it possible for me to quickly connect my laptop at home and work.  I notice a lot on the first day, but now on day 2 I realize that my mouse speed (tracking?) is moving a bit slower across the screen.  This is an easy thing to solve right?

In Yosemite, you can go to Apple > System Preferences > Mouse and you’d get a screen like this:

adjust-mouse-scroll-in-mouseBut, after upgrading to OS Sierra the new Mouse control panel looks like this:

macos-sierra-mouse-control-panelThe new default it to go directly to looking for a Bluetooth mouse.  How in the world is that helpful?  Not only do I NOT have a Bluetooth mouse but the control panel just never stops looking for a mouse.  So I have no means of adjusting what would be simple mouse controls for my USB connected / wired mouse?

I get it, OS Sierra just doesn’t seem to work well with my OWC Thunderbolt 2 docking station enough to register the mouse that is connected to it.  But, that worked really well in El Capitan with no additional general support needed like drivers.

Time to talk to OWC and see what can be done.

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