ColdFusion 10 + CFBuilder 2.0.1 + RDS and a little Apache Issue

If you are running ColdFusion 10 + CFBuilder 2.01 + RDS and you’re using Apache locally (I’m on a mac) you get these strange errors reported when trying to establish an RDS connection:

RDS server message: could not initialize class

Adding this one line to your Virtual Host file setting fixes the problem, and it worked for my localhost setting:

JkMountFile “/Applications/ColdFusion10/config/wsconfig/1/”

JkMountFile is a Tomcat directive.  To quote from Tomcat’s uriworkermap connectors:

“For Apache you can define individual uriworkermap files per virtual host. The directive JkMountFile can be used in the main server and in each virtual host. If a virtual host does not use JkMountfile, but JkMountCopy is set to ‘On’, then it inherits the JkMountFile from the main server. If you want all vhost to inherit mounts from the main server, you can set JkMountCopy to ‘All’ in the main server.”

Holy crap this has been annoying me.  A super big thank you to for this blog post:



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