ColdFusion Builder 2, Update 1 – an explanation and tips for installing

I know that this may seem ridiculous but was anyone else completely confused about the rollout of ColdFusion Builder 2, Update 1?  This was done in the shadow of ColdFusion 10 so you knew there was going to be new features and compatibility with ColdFusion 10 but what struck me as really weird is that I didn’t see any mainstream info about what ColdFusion Builder 2, Update 1 actually was.  Is this a free update, or something I have to buy?

Now, for me, when I heard that it was being released I went to the website and didn’t see it as a product or a download.  I did see you could buy ColdFusion Builder 2 but on the marketing side of the site or the store there wasn’t any plain explanation if this was a free upgrade to users that already owned ColdFusion Builder 2.0.  It also wasn’t in any of the marketing emails I received either so I see this as a total marketing failure.  The naming convention would suggest that this was a free update since it has “Update 1” in the name, but the website really wasn’t helpful.

Eventually the Support > Patches & Downloads portion of Adobe’s website indicated that you could “Try Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2 Update 1” (link provided) – WTF does that mean?  I’m a registered user of CB 2.0, why do I need to “Try” anything, why can’t I just download it?

Here is the deal, if no one told you – If you own ColdFusion Builder 2.0, then 2, Update 1 is a free download for you.  So first off, you don’t need to buy anything.

Ok, then why the “try” nonsense?  Apparently this is not just an update – as the name would suggest, this is actually a brand new version –  but, that requires some explanation.  ColdFusion Builder 2.0 is built on top of Eclipse 3.6.2 and CB 2 Update 1 is built on top of  Eclipse 3.7.2 (Indigo).  So you have a better and even faster platform underneath the CF perspective.

The reason you have to click “try” to get it is because it’s a whole new installation file (as well as product platform) and you need to uninstall your old ColdFusion Builder 2.0 prior to installing ColdFusion Builder 2, Update 1 – which again, Adobe, no one is telling us in your marketing or rather plainly via your website.  Shame on you Adobe..  Here is the real fun kicker, if you did not uninstall ColdFusion Builder 2.0 and just tried to install the update, it won’t work for you (2 different platforms).  You must uninstall 2.0 before install of CB 2, update 1.  It looks as if the newer installer detects the previous version and instructs you to uninstall now – that’s an improvement.

So long as you do the uninstall, and then do an install of CB 2, Update 1, then it will not prompt you to resubmit your licensing information.  This is assuming you did properly activate your license on CB 2.0.  If you did not, then it will prompt you to enter in your licensing information after install & launch.

As for the workspace, file structure, preferences, etc – all that is supposed to remain the same if you run the uninstall script.  The uninstall script does preserve all those settings and preferences just fine.  This is key – don’t just delete the files if you’re on a Mac like me.  Run the uninstall script located within the ColdFusion Builder application directory folder.. you’ll find it.  The only caveat I can say for myself is that I had both ColdFusion Builder 1.0, and 2.0 on my machine so I had to uninstall both and this caused a loss of settings when I first ran CB 2, Update 1 (like a new install – minor annoyance).

One last bit, if you installed any 3rd party plugins for Eclipse into your ColdFusion Builder, those plug-ins will have to be reinstalled. One thing you can do, is to add this Eclipse repository URL into your CB, Update 1 to install some 3rd party plug-ins:

May this save you some frustration…

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