GoDaddy part II – more examples of just poor service is like a crazy ex girlfriend.  You end up feeling enormously happy that you’ve made the right decision to leave her – you may have even moved out and managed to get all your stuff but she will still hold onto something as an excuse to keep you around.

Case in point, I had decided to transfer all my domains away from GoDaddy, as well as my hosting account making sure I’m not giving them anymore of my business.  I don’t need to move and transfer all domains en masse as I still have time left on some of my domains where they are.  So, I’m just trying to be mindful of when renewals are coming up so I can gradually transfer and not renew.

My first problem is that I have 3 domains that I had registered with both “business registration” and “protected registration”.  I had hopes of starting some business with these domains and of course I wanted “protected registration” so my domains couldn’t be unlocked or transferred against my wishes.  I also used’s privacy registration “Domains by Proxy” too so no one could spam me just by doing a whois on my domain.  Sounds like a good idea, right?  Only costs a few dollars more.  Buyer beware…

Fast forward to no business getting started, no real website anymore to speak of and the need to transfer to a new registrar.  As one domain was nearing renewal I started the process of transferring and was quickly shut down.  I couldn’t transfer because Domains By Proxy had some protection on the domain.  Ok, go find that login I never use to hunt down the domain.  I try to cancel this ‘protection’ on Domains By Proxy only to be told that I couldn’t cancel my service because GoDaddy had both “protected registration” and “business registration” – ouch.  Ok, I guess I have to cancel through  Guess what, you can’t.  There isn’t any way through the website in order to cancel your “business registration” and as long as your domain is protected, you can’t cancel the protection on Domains by Proxy.  What a scam right?

Ultimately I had to contact Godaddy support only to be directed to send an email to to make my request.  After my request, I got a response with an attached “Company Declarations” PDF I had to print, fill out, scan and email back to  The only dipshit thing about it that it tells you to use the exact info from your own whois record – well if you use Domains By Proxy you don’t see your exact company name.

This whole process reminded me of the game that the banks are playing with mortgages and people wanting to get their loan reductions done.  I’ve heard all the horror stories about people sending in paperwork, being directed to other people, having to send in more paperwork, etc.  It’s an endless nightmare where the bigger corporations is just hoping you give up, relent and continue paying.

While my troubles are nowhere near anyone that has had to go through a loan modification I can’t help but feel that this is the new paradigm of poor business.  The bigger you are as a company the harder and more problematic you’re going to make it for your customers to leave you.  What ever happened to good old-fashioned great service?  It’s seems so hard to find such great service anymore these days.  I even called into originally because I thought it would be faster with someone on the phone.  How odd is it that I was directed to send an email someplace.

I wasted about 5 days of back-and-forth with GoDaddy to learn I had to go to domains by proxy to get the exact corporate name to put on my paperwork – only after having to explain that I didn’t do so hot at starting a business.  I’m left just feeling bad about myself and this whole process as I try to move on and collect my domain life again.

The only real kicker – while arguing with GoDaddy I reminded them that I no longer wanted their service, and had no intentions of paying for it, therefore they needed to process my request.  As they dragged their feet – I contacted the bank and put a stop payment on the pending renewals.  I would have loved to just delete my payment information but apparently you don’t have that choice either with GoDaddy.  Once they have your payment information, they have you.

I will be glad  this year when I am no longer help hostage by and that I’ll one day be able to delete my account, payment information, the whole nine from them.  Seriously GoDaddy… go fuck yourself.


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