Hengedocks docking station for 17″ MacBook Pro is coming!

Wow, I’m as giddy as a school girl right now.  I just got my email notification today from Hengedocks that they are beginning to ship out their docking stations for the MacBook Pro 17″.  I’m so happy that I pre-ordered this a long time ago so I could get on their notification list.  I just ordered mine a few minutes ago.  Woot!

Why a docking station?  It boils down to how you use your laptop.  For me the laptop is more than just a portable computer, it’s very much my new desktop computer that I can take on the go.  I’m a programmer so I like to use a full size keyboard, mouse as well as dual monitors and a few USB devices.  This can be painful if you want to pickup your computer and go anywhere having to disconnect and reconnect all your cables.  A docking station is an easy way to have one single connection between your laptop and the dock which maintains all your cable connections.

I’ve seen some other docking stations on the market, but frankly there isn’t much to choose from if you have a 17″ MacBook Pro.  I bought mine in mid-2010 (end July 2010).  This is a unibody design and last year Apple made two changes to the body which seems to only be the position of the Firewire port.  So, it’s been hard to find something that works for me.  On top of that, I was hoping to avoid the typical docking station that takes up a lot of horizontal space on the desk as my free space on the desk is rare.

Hengedocks is different!  Their docking stations allow you to stand the laptop on it’s end as if it were some very slim tower with the entire side of power, ethernet, firewire, usb, etc all pushing down into the dock and it’s matching connectors, while the open side sticking out still has a fully functioning DVD drive.  I love this idea!  I can easily stand up my laptop in the dock and give myself more room on the desk – as well as hide the ugly connections to the laptop and clean up my cable mess.

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I’ve been drooling over this thing for a long time, but I’m no shill for the company.  I’m just a dude that wants a better solution to my messy desk.  While I’m anxious to receive my new dock and write about the experience, I’m also a little weary about the design.  As I’ve researched other designs, a lot of people have the same kinds of design complaints or concerns from other manufacturers.  Some of those include the weight of the laptop making it easy to tip over; the dock making scuff marks on the body of the laptop; problems with the connections/connectors between the laptop and the dock.  While I’ve not heard of any of these types of issues with Hengedocks, I do know that their docks that are shipping now are their second generation models with quite a few improvements.

I can’t wait to write more about my experience with the dock, in the meantime enjoy this nice video.

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