Another election year come and gone

As a native Californian, I’m glad to see most of the election results we got here.  True, I’m a Democrat and glad to see Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer return to their respective offices.  I am, however, disappointed mad in the Prop 19 failure.  The proposition may not have been the most well written, but it put forth legalization and taxation.  This is something that would have changed California state law (for better or worse).  The taxation would have put money back into our government and services.  I’d love to see pot tax dollars being spent on preserving and helping to improve education in this state – although this legislation doesn’t specifically spell that out.  But is that alone enough to defeat this bill?  The legalization could have reduced the prison population on new offenses and saved us billions of much needed tax dollars.  Then I think about all the new jobs this would have created in our state had it passed.  When are we going to let people come into the light of legalizing something in our state that individuals and businesses are already making millions of dollars off of the way our laws are currently written.

I don’t buy into the whole ‘medicinal’ argument alone or keeping this as ‘medicine’.  That’s pretty laughable to me.  I do fully believe there are people that use it medicinally and reap the benefits and I’d certainly want nothing to interfere with those people.  But, you can go onto and find a doctor, feign ‘anxiety’, get a card and buy your pot all in the same day.  This is really just a thinly veiled charade for ‘personal recreation’ for most people.  The ease of getting marijuana in this state unbelievable and we shouldn’t turn a blind judgmental eye to what average normal people want to do in their own homes including smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.

I think we’re treading into dangerous territory if we leave things the way they are.  Local cities put measures on the ballot to try and tax pot but local cities don’t posses the resources or enforcement to investigate and collect their taxes owed.  Pretty soon we’ll have lots of cities in California each with their own tax rules while our state collects nothing in the process.  Our state is missing out on 10s of millions of dollars or more from tax dollars that could have created jobs, education, and enforcement.   In the end, only the cities that fully support and tax marijuana are reaping all the benefits while other cities in this state suffer.

I can’t help feel that the only winners today after Prop 19 failed are drug dealers & growers masquerading as caregivers.  I don’t want to demonize those people but it’s painfully obvious to me that we have a runaway lucrative industry here in California meanwhile we still have job furloughs, layoffs, deep cuts to education, and the complete elimination of services for our Californians.

You can make the moral argument about whether it’s right or wrong all you want and I would support anyone in doing away with altogether any marijuana, cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol, firearms, abused over-the-counter medication, abused prescription medication, saturated fats, and anything else that kills people from misuse and overindulgence.  So long as you’re willing to say you want to take away the personal choice and freedoms of individuals.  We can’t be hypocrites and pick and choose what dangerous things we wish to remain legal and what others shouldn’t.  It should be labeled a personal choice and it should (just like all the other dangers) have laws, regulation, taxes, support, education wrapped around them.

I’m really mad to see people miss an opportunity to raise money in this state.  Our population here grows and with it so should our government (reasonably).  We can’t keep giving tax cuts after tax cut – we’re broke and need the money.  Where is that money going to come from?

First gay marriage, now this..  when are we going to stop shooting ourselves in the foot California? Right about now I could be enjoying a nice spliff at a fabulous gay wedding admiring all the hard working people around me that otherwise may not have had jobs.  We could have record revenues, reduced classrooms, more teachers and a shit load more Chinese restaurants and donuts shops.  I’ve been to Amsterdam and laughed at how many mom and pop pastry shops there were along with Chinese restaurants.  You know what?  It looks a lot better then closed up store fronts and “for sale” signs I’m seeing around me now.

I’ll get off my soapy rant box now..

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