Hello again world.. CFDude becomes CFDad

Do you ever feel like you’ve been so super busy doing all the things you “need” to do that one day you just wake up or are forced to realize just how you’ve been spending your time?  I certainly don’t have any regrets but I do feel that I can enjoy my life more then I have lately.  I wanted to start this blog to highlight some new experiences along the way.  I also wanted a place to write about the things I know and am learning about.  Namely, Adobe ColdFusion development as well as Apple iOS development.

Why CFDad?  Well, I used to be “CFDude” (short for “ColdFusion Dude”, or as my mom said “California dude?”).  I own the cfdude.com domain and used that name as the start of my very first business on my own.  I even own the California license plate “CFDude”.  As much as I have loved the CFDude name, it’s just not who I am anymore.  I’m a happily married guy with a beautiful 11 month old daughter.  I find that at this stage of my life my interests are changing.  I’m less of a ColdFusion programmer now then I have been although I intend to use it more lately.  I am also interested in expanding my repertoire into Apple iOS development because I own an iPhone, iPad as well as a new shiny Macbook Pro 17″ laptop.

After spending lots of time away from my family and not being very happy with the work I was doing I’m trying to be happy with the opportunity I have to be unemployed, reconnect more with my family and soak up new things to learn while trying to get my business back off the ground.

I hope anyone that stops by can enjoy my mix of technical and social scribblings as I reboot my life.

Sean, Rob & Michelle Sherman
Sean, Rob & Michelle Sherman

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